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Technical Meeting

The Technical Meeting will be held on the 2 February at 19:00, at Hotel Alfamar. Each team may be represented by a maximum of two team delegates and, if necessary, an interpreter.

It is very important that all teams are represented at the Technical Meeting.

All questions related to the Technical Meeting must be presented in writing in English, at the TIC (Hotel Alfamar) before 16:00 on 2 February in the appropriate form.

The Technical Meeting will be held in English.

The Technical Meeting will be attended by:

 LOC President;
 European Athletics Officiating Persons (Technical and Doping Control Delegate);
 Jury of Appeal;
 Competition Director;
 Competition Officials;
 TIC Manager;
 Competition Data Handling Representative (if required);
 European Athletics Staff.


The preliminary agenda of the Technical Meeting includes:

 Welcome by the President of the Local Organising Committee;
 Welcome by the European Athletics President or his representative;
 Presentation of the Competition Officials;
 Information briefing by the Technical Delegate on matters not covered by the Team Manual;
 Presentation of the competition and warm-up venues;
 Election of the Jury of Appeal;
 Opening/Closing Ceremony;
 Information briefing by the Doping Control Delegate;
 Answering of questions submitted in writing by federations.

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